Your style obviously has to change as we move from the warmer season to the colder one, and this means investing in a few basic items. What you want is to buy key pieces that will last you an entire season (and more!) but they must also be versatile enough to wear with most things in your cupboard. This week we visited Topshop and found these four must-have items for autumn and winter.

Buckle Chelsea Boots


This style of boot has been an international trend for a while, worn by global fashion icons like Kanye West and Harry Styles. What we love about this boot is that it goes perfectly with jeans and a suit – which is great for your budget – and the bonus is that they’re incredibly comfortable to wear.

The Oxblood Corduroy Jacket


Winter is a great time to play with texture and colour, especially a warm rich oxblood. We spotted this denim-style corduroy that we couldn’t put back, and we paired it with blue jeans.

The Turtleneck


Fashion always repeats itself and this is no different with the turtleneck – one of the biggest trends this winter. In the colder weather you can wear it as an alternative to a shirt or T-shirt, and it means you can skip the jacket or jersey.

White Denim Jeans


We’re all creatures of habit and we all love our blue jeans, but gents, now is the time to try something new. We challenge you to try out a pair of white jeans! It’s a great option because it works well with any colour and looks trendy with a pair of boots.

Shot by Austin Malema

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