As Black men it’s very hard to find products that work for our skins, most products keep us moistured for a couple of ours and by the end of the day we are ashy again. For generations in the black community, Vaseline has been the trusted go to for skin care.


As black people we have become more aware of our grooming and what that requires, Vaseline understands this and formulated the Vaseline MENBody range.


The Vaseline MENbody range of lotions and creams are clinically proven to deeply moisturize and relieve very dry skin from the first application. Each unique formulation, infused with restoring micro-droplets of Vaseline® BLUESEAL, restores dry and damaged skin in 5 days.


We challenge you to try Vaseline’s MENbody lotions and after 5 days tell us your results and how your skin feels.