Like summer , winter comes along with it’s own challenges. Low tempretures  and in house central heating can leave your skin dry and chapped. Its even worse for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema. Here are tips to look after your skin during winter.

Take Quicker Showers

As much as long warm showers are great during winter , they are not a great start for your skin. Too much warm water can strip of its natural protective oils that leave your skin dry. To give your skin a fighting chance use the Lab Series Pro LS All In 1 Face Treament also Eucerin Shower Therapy works well especially after a gym session.


Eat Better

Dry skin can also be caused by a lack of Vitamin A , to support your skin from the inside increase your intake of vitamin in reach red and yellow vegitables such as beetroot , yellow peppers alongside green and leafy greans. Also in winter we tend to drink less water, so make sure you are always hyrdated.

Don’t Forget Hands ,Feet and lips

Most of the time when with think about skincare we usually focus on the face but we forget that our hands and lips are sensitive too. Also when we use moisturizer on our face we also assume that it caters for our lips as well. Lips need extra protection in the winter because, unlike the rest of our skin, they don’t produce any natural oils, making them much more susceptible to water loss and chapping. For lips use Lab Series Pro LS Tech Lip Balm.

As Someone who goes to gym or usually active with your hands outdoors its important that you use extra protection by using an extreme moisture hand and nail cream.

With these tips your skin will survive through the winter and when summer arrives your skin will be as great as ever

Cover Picture by : Alessio La Ruffa