Don’t be fooled by the mild autumn weather, winter is definitely coming! People tend to opt for boots and coats when the temperature drops, but there are other winter basics that should be in your wardrobe this season.

Whether you’re out on the town with mates, or taking your partner on a date, The Threaded Man is here to give you the right style advice. With a little help from GAP at Stuttafords, we’ve selected the items you should invest in before winter really hits.

The Sweatshirt


Thanks to sports luxe, the sweatshirt has moved from dorm rooms into high fashion. The sweatshirt is the best for layering, as it’s comfortable and warm without making you overheat. It also goes really well with suits when you wear it on top of your shirt and tie, before putting on your blazer. You’ll look on trend and stay warm.

The Denim Shirt


Denim is worn pretty much all year-round, but in the chillier season the focus is – understandably – on jackets and jeans. But there is another denim item that you should consider adding to your collection and that’s the denim shirt. It’s perfect for winter because, unlike your normal cotton shirt, it’s made from a heavier material which really keeps out the cold. Replace your normal white shirt with a denim one, to give your outfit more texture.

Sports luxe Joggers


Aaahh joggers! We’re huge fans at The Threaded Man, because they give you a break from wearing denim or chinos. They’re also perfect for casual wear, but you can just as easily swap them with your formal pants to give your work outfit a sporty vibe.

These three basics are great investments as they’re trans-seasonal, and can be adapted and worn with any of your outfits, whether casual or formal.