Online shopping is the new frontier for fast fashion. Delivery is pretty instant these days, so it can be quicker to buy an item of clothing through the internet, than going into a real shop. These are our go-to, tried and tested online stores:


For limited edition items: Superbalist

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Superbalist is a niche South African online store that caters to consumers who want to compete with global counterparts when it comes to trends. Superbalist stocks local brands, such as Simon and Mary, and international brands like Stüssy. The coolest thing about Superbalist is that they offer same day delivery!


For the basics: Spree

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Spree is South Africa’s largest online clothing retailer. It’s not the store for the latest limited edition items or trends, but rather Spree specialises in basic clothing items, such as shirts and jeans at affordable prices – most times cheaper than retail stores.


For everything else: Takealot

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After merging with Kalahari, Takealot is now Africa’s largest online store. You can buy anything you can imagine from Takealot, usually at ridiculously low prices. This is where I shop for my household and tech needs. They also offer same day delivery.


While online shopping is growing in South Africa, the majority of us are still pretty sceptical when it comes to trusting internet payments. However, there are so many great things about online shopping, and one of the best is that you can get your hands on limited edition items of clothing. If you’re quick, you can also get onto trends way before anyone else does.


These three online stores are meant to give you a bit of direction when it comes to shopping on the internet. Try them out and let us know what you think. Happy online shopping!