The beard movement have been responsible for a lot of glow ups – and today the beard is no longer just a beard. It’s a fashion statement but a lot of you gents still don’t know how to look after it. Just like your scalp and hair, your beard also needs to be taken care of the right way.

You let it grow too long


We know that you want that macho, man-in-the-woods look, but growing your beard too long can cause a lot of irritation and even blood spotting. If this happens to you when growing your beard then it’s better to keep it short and rather have stubble, which is easier to maintain.

You don’t use beard oil


As much as the hair on your head needs moisture, so too does your beard. When you don’t moisturise your beard, the skin underneath will dry out and cause beard dandruff. Yip – it’s an actual thing! Make sure you use an Argan beard oil that will help recover splits ends, as well as retain your skin’s natural moisture.

You use beard oil too early


It’s called beard oil for a reason, so don’t get too excited and apply before you even have a beard. Having stubble doesn’t mean you need beard oil, rather just exfoliate and moisture. If you experience dryness during the day, add more moisture using your facial cream.