One of the best places to find serious fashion inspiration is on Instagram. From celebs to the man on the street – anyone can take this social media platform and become a style icon. The Threaded Man offers some must-have tips from three of our favourite Instagram accounts.


Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla): Colour is everything


Adam is a 23-year-old men’s fashion blogger who is based in New York. With 1,4 million followers on Instagram he’s become a global force in the fashion industry. When it comes to fashion, many men know which items look good and which look bad, but the problem is how to put an outfit together. According to Adam, this is because men don’t understand colours. What’s his solution? Always mix bright colours with subtle ones and this will stop you standing out – in a bad way.


Marcel Floruss (@onedapperstreet): Tailored Simplicity


Marcel is a German blogger based in New York with 234k followers. He’s known for his simple yet well-tailored style. His rule is basic – that you get the fundamentals right – and for Marcel this means starting with a good pair of jeans and a T-shirt. He believes this gives you a canvas that you can use to build your own style, such as adding a blazer and formal shoes for a semi-casual outfit, or sneakers for a more casual look.

Blake Scott (@blakescott_): Get it Tailored


Blake is a lifestyle blogger and a menswear influencer living in Los Angeles. With his sharp and smart dress sense he’s garnered 336k followers. When it comes to fashion Blake is all about tailoring! This doesn’t only apply to suits but to the basics as well. When you tailor everything you wear you can get away with being semi-casual in a formal setting.


Instagram has taken fashion and turned it into a global dialogue, rather than one confined to individual cities and countries. Through this social media platform we can get fashion advice from people around the world, and when we follow them we have instant access to their daily style choices.


These are three impressive global bloggers and they’re true Threaded Men! What do you think of their tips? Join the conversation and share your thoughts, opinions and pictures on The Threaded Man.


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