Technology is changing at a lightning speed and has progressed tremendously over the last 5 years, particularly in terms of devices that people carry on them. But where carrying technology used to be the trend, developers are now focusing on technology that is built into accessories for daily use. And with that, the line between tech and fashion has become blurred. So what are the latest fashionable wearable tech items the Threaded Man should have?

Google Glass


Arguably the coolest piece of technology right now, Google Glasses are smartphones that you wear through your glasses. Make your calls, check the weather and pay without using your phone or card. Google glass is hands free and works on voice command. And gone are the days that you looked like a freak with a camera on your face. American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg’s custom Google Glass frames have made these the must-have accessory of the year.


Smart Watches

Samsung was the 1st commercial brand to release smart watches, but their range of smart watches was limited. A few months later Motorola introduced their range of android smart watches. These allow you to make phone calls, send texts and charges wireless. Fitness is still the top application for smartwatches, so lightness and durability are priorities, but given that activewear is huge in fashion at the moment, these practical considerations shouldn’t excuse poor design. Look out for ones that give you the technological as well as the fashionable edge.



Apple’s iWatch

In their announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple have launched the apple watch. The focus of this watch will be fitness and health. It’s not that the Apple Watch really offers much more in terms of functionality, but that the watch itself is a much more versatile fashion accessory. Fashion ultimately is about beauty, desire, identity, and social standing; increasingly wearable technology will also be about these things. Apple seems to understand that.


No matter whch device you choose to wear, 2014 is definitely the year of wearable tech, so go for it!