The idea of elegant tatters has been a recurring theme throughout fashion since the late 80s, with variations on ripped jeans, skinny on the legs, oversized tops, camo and leather. But over the last five years we’ve seen the inclusion of skater outerwear combined with trash couture, like with the stylish and oh-so-cool Ian Connor.


Ian is the ultimate “trash” youth, whose style expresses a complete knowledge of fashion. His preference is for more comfortable fits – rather than anything too tight – and he chooses a combination of Polo golf hats, golf shirts, printed or embroidered denims, knit wear, leather or camo, Vans or Raf Simons Ozweego sneakers, and he pulls it all together with a nonchalant attitude.


Ian Conner is also Wiz Khalifa’s official stylist, and it’s easy to see how much of an influence he has on Wiz. The rapper even went through a phase on Instagram where he was using the caption “trash”. Wiz embraced a new style which had a strong street wear element, and you’d see him sporting distressed, torn denims, an ACDC T-shirt, Vans and a Supreme jacket. These were the early signs that this would become a global trend.


The recent decline of skate wear has coincided with the rise of sportswear, and this is easy to see when it comes to popular shoes. The shoes you should be wearing are Raf Simons, New Balance or Asics.


All Images shot by : Alessio La Ruffa