After a long and cold winter, we’re all thrilled when summer finally hits. We get festive, our mood improves and – because of the heat – we wear less clothing. The Threaded Man gives you three summer style mistakes and how to fix them.


Vests and Overexposure

david-beckham-vest-43Unless you’re a male model, there really is no reason to wear a vest at a social gathering. You might feel cooler in the heat, but let’s face it – no one needs to see your armpits. I’m not against wearing a vest in summer, but wear it to the beach! If you want to wear a vest and you’re in a social setting, throw on a denim jacket. The best solution, however, is simply to wear a deep V-neck, slim fit, white T-shirt.


Not Wearing Black


We associate winter with dark colours and summer with bright colours, but this isn’t set in stone. There’s definitely space in your summer wardrobe for darker shades. Black can be great when it’s matched with pastel colours, while a black-on-black outfit makes a huge statement.


Flip-flops in the City


The inner city is no place for flip-flops! If you own a pair, rather keep them for your beach holiday. You have so many other shoe options that give you the same freedom without compromising on style. Try sandals and woven slip-ons instead.


Just because it’s hotter, is no reason to strip off the fashion principles that you’ve learned in winter. These three rules are simple but crucial for The Threaded Man, they help you stay stylish and ensure you still catch the ladies’ attention.


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Pictures : GQ America