Images: Ricardo Marcus Knipe 

You can tell a lot about a man by looking at the kind of shoes he wears; the same applies to watches. Accessories – wristwatches in particular – can make a huge difference in your ensemble. All stylish and working men need a time-piece that will not only complement their look and lifestyle but give them effortless confidence.

Thanks to their belief in conceptual integrity and the fact that a watch can be made with unrivalled craftsmanship, TITAN continues to merge the heritage of a classic watch with technical mastery. With sleek style and fashion forward designs, it’s not hard to see why they appeal to the young, up-and-coming, metropolitan man and woman.

Titan’s Classique Collection features a number of different styles that have a common character that is timeless and universal, forming a link between past and present. The Classique is tailored for everyday wear with timeless design and multiple functions – making it the perfect companion for any occasion. Its durability also means that it’s a great investment, one that also happens to be easy on the pocket.

This range is for the stylish and confident working man. The Classique man is hardworking and sure of himself, he is the guy every man wants to be – a true titan.

The range’s versatility means that there’s a style for every man. Whether you’re a DJ, a copywriter or a lawyer, every man in his chosen field can be a Classique man.

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