Image | Cedric Nzaka

Vaseline Men was launched a decade ago to provide a specialised range of products for the modern man who is focused, hardworking, career-driven and understands that being well-groomed plays a role in helping him prepare for greatness. Using Vaseline Men in his morning routine not only moisturises his skin, but heals it thanks to the power of Vaseline to instantly restore the driest skin, helping him start his day strong.

The #StartStrong campaign pays homage to the quintessential modern South African man on the path to greatness: hardworking, well-groomed, career-driven and focused. Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane is a great example of this man, which is why Vaseline Men named him one of their influencers for the #StartStrong campaign.

Tibz is an entrepreneur who’s managed to turn the business of music into his livelihood as an award-winning music executive and the founder of ShowLove.


Here are Tibz’ five tips to achieve greatness:

1. Be early. This gives you a chance to gather yourself, crack jokes with clients and you have leverage if you’re negotiating.
2. Make time if it’s important: work, reading,exercise and your people. No one gives you time… Make time.
3. Look and smell amazing. No days off. Even when dressed down, if the world is going to see you… Make an impact.
4. Never ever forget your manners.
5. Learn from everyone. Pay attention. Be open.


We hope these tips will help you #StartStrong on your path to greatness.