Twenty-two year old Nomuzi Mabena, known on and off stage as Moozlie, is a Benoni-bred TV personality, presenter and, most recently, a rapper. She quite aptly describes herself as an entertainer, as she is one of the most recognisable faces of African urban entertainment, propelled to success after winning the MTV Base VJ search in 2012. Since then, Nomuzi has reported on African youth culture on MTV Base Africa and MTV ZA, and hosted many notable events including being a red carpet correspondent at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, USA, where she interviewed many international celebrities.


In 2014, Nomuzi signed to Cashtime Life, one of South Africa’s foremost hip-hop music labels. Hot on the heels of a feature on Kid X’s single, Se7en, Nomuzi is about to release her debut single, a song that we at TheThreadedMan cannot wait to hear. Known for her eclectic fashion sense, Nomuzi is the full package; one cannot help but take notice of the bald beauty with bars.


We envision the ideal threaded woman as a dynamic go-getter who just so happens to do so with style, and Moozlie certainly is just that. In her interview, we addressed the elusive ‘D’… dating, that is. Below are her thoughts and advice for threaded men on navigating the dating game, in her own words. Fellas, take notes.


The ideal threaded man, naturally, has to look good, or at least well put together. Nobody wants a crusty guy mmmkhay! As a man, you need to be ambitious, and secure with yourself and your manhood.


The embodiment of a threaded man, for me, is a street kinda guy, a rapper-with-swag-and-class kinda guy. I was out at the SAMAs recently and the boys in hip hop, like Da LES, KO and Ma-E, cleaned up really nicely. It’s great to see them dressed up and looking smart.


I once dated a guy that would take me to the best restaurants, even in the middle of the afternoon. I thought it was really sweet. He always wanted to try new things and treat myself to the finer things. Those kinds of dates are the best for me.


My take on ‘situationships’? It happens way too frequently now!

My advice to men in relationships is to be honest from the jump. I think it just makes things a lot less awkward and complicated going forward.

Advice to my fellow threaded women? Your heart and your gut will never mislead you. Trust yourself and always treasure yourself. If he’s good for you he’ll do right by you and you will do the same.