After being a radio presenter at 5fm for ten years, Poppy leaves the station to develop her brand and ultimately take her career to the next level. We catch up with her and talk career plans, life and her take on stylish men. 

What is the one thing that you will take away from your radio career? 

I’m not done with Radio, I just resigned from 5FM. Radio will always be a part of my life and I’ll always be a radio broadcaster. I haven’t left radio, I’ve just left that station.


What led you to this moment in your life?

Personal growth reasons. I need to grow as a person, and I feel like the next two years are critical in my life and I need to make decisions that benefit me and that set me up for the next 10 – 20 years of my life.


How did you make the decision that now is the time to make a change?

I’ve just changed the way I view myself as a radio personality and a brand in the media. I’m actually investing in myself and developing my brand and my future in radio. I’d been at 5FM for 10 years when I resigned. It’s time to grow and explore other things.


What are your fondest moments while you were at 5fm? 

There are way too many. I’ve had amazing moments and I’ve worked with incredible people on and off air. If I could choose two moments, they’d be any day on the Fresh Drive and when I got my own daytime show, The House of Poppy. I learnt so much being on my own, and I loved chatting and connecting with my listeners.


What is next for Poppy? 

I’m working on my brand as a media personality and developing that. It may involve fashion and other things.


Your snapchat feed is one of our favourites here at TTM, do you ever have any regrets about being so open with your life? 

I’ve spent my life opening up to listeners on radio, so it’s who I am and what I do. I don’t have anything to hide and I love sharing my life and it’s many complications and victories. I’m a sharer and I love it when people share their experiences with me. It’s an exchange you agree to when you engage with people and fans on social media.

Now, we also know that there is a special someone in your life – we are so happy for you.  Would you describe your man as a Threaded Man?

My Guy is definitely a Threaded Man. He’s super sexy, sophisticated and he has his own style. He’s also incredibly caring, clever and creative. He’s a great human being.


We’re sure that your partner creates special moments for the both of you. With Valentine’s Day coming up, do you have any advice for our Threaded gents on how to make their women feel extra loved? 

Do something special that’ll stand out but doesn’t require you to spend loads of cash. I think it’s easy to buy people gifts, but to actually create or give someone an experience they won’t forget, that’s what we remember and appreciate.


What are your favourite menswear trend items at the moment? 

  1. I love a good old fashioned leather jacket on a man. They never go out of fashion.
  2. Leather ankle boots are king right now. Every guy needs a sturdy pair of those.
  3. Ripped denim is a sexy trend on men too. I love seeing a stylish man rocking that trend.


Where do you see your future in the next three years?

I’ll definitely be on radio, I’ll have my MBA by then, as well as a couple of fashion related businesses.