This might only apply to me but do you ever go on Google or Instagram and find those really cool guys, then try to imitate them and be as cool as them? I mean, their clothes and sense of style are on point – you would almost trade anything to have their style. They look effortless and somehow everything they do makes sense.

But when you try the same thing, it looks, eerrr, otherwise?

Well, I think I’ve managed to get the trick to this, the secret is style identity.Brilliant Kodie-4We can imitate them perfectly, but the one thing that we haven’t been doing right is having our own style identity. Self-identity, which we all know, is important and the key is to have a confident sense of self. Style identity is just as essential.

Everyone is wired differently, not only in our emotions and dreams but also in our sense of style. How you arrange your look or your outfit is bound to be different from how others do it. That difference is our style identity and we cannot run away from it.

The rewards come when you’re comfortable with your style identity. It becomes very easy for not just you but others to love it as well. Appreciating your difference will make you cool to others because people always admire what is unique.

There you go, gents. I hope you’re now ready to be brave and discover your own unique style identity.

I wanted to share my own style identity with you, so I decided to wear this sick Bomber Jacket form Factorie, Shirt and Pants from H&M and sneakers from Puma, because I have discovered that I’m a minimal guy.

Brilliant Kodie-3

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Written by: Brilliant Kodie

Images by: Brilliant Kodie