By: Kay Tatyana Selisho

The Threaded Woman loves a man with great taste in shoes and she gets most of her information about a man based on whatever shoes he has on.

Any woman with style will tell you that she often makes shoe contact before she makes eye contact. In the instance that she sees your face first, best believe she’ll immediately wonder what shoes you have on.


Well, we love shoes! And not just the ones we get to wear. Shoes say a lot about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Believe it or not, they actually even give us a bit of insight into your outlook on life.IMG_4701

From Stan Smiths, Air Force One’s and Vans to brogues and leather uppers, there are way too many options available to excuse bad taste.

The more outrageous your choice of shoes is, the more outrageous our opinions of you will be. And if you look like you just do not care, we’ll assume that you don’t care, about anything at all, let alone yourself.

No self-respecting woman would romantically consider the man who walks into a black and gold themed birthday dinner wearing gold Carvellas covered in glitter or takkies. Yes, takkies. You know, like those old school ones us nineties kids had to wear on school sports days and at PE practice before sneaker culture became a thing.

Therefore, when it comes to men’s shoes; the simpler, the better.


Shoes speak louder than words and though we are always reminded never to judge a book by it’s cover, we certainly make certain assumptions about the kind of man you are based on the shoes you wear. Not every shoe is a winner and neither is how you chose to maintain them – maintenance is VERY important.

Surprisingly, a man who keeps his shoes too clean is concerning to us. Don’t go around beating people up for accidentally stepping on your brand new white Converse All-Stars but don’t neglect them either. If you can’t enjoy any place we go to because you’re too worried about getting your shoes dirty, just know that such behaviour will count against you.

And don’t mistake taste for price. You do not need, to drop R7000 on every pair for us to consider that “good taste.”

Women think of men with good taste in shoes the same way we think of men who can dance. And not in the “I will command attention in the dance circle at a party” kind of way. But more like that innate ability to keep up with a beat, move your body to the beat and not step on my toes as you hold me close on the dance floor.

Essentially, women are of the belief that only good things can happen with a man who can dance and wears great, simple shoes.