“Clothes make a man” they say and maybe that’s what you’re telling yourself already in the New Year. You want to reinvent your style but your bank balance won’t let you. How do you do it without the deep pocket budget and personal stylist on deck? How does your lemon wardrobe turn into lemonade? Here are your style reinvention tips

Tailor! Tailor! Tailor!

gq-tom-ford-suits_0Tailoring some of those ill-fitting chunky pieces can take your your wardrobe from 0 to 100 very quickly make your wardrobe look new from just a couple of nips and tucks.


Accessories Make Your Style All Gold


Think of the many stylish men you know; they accessorize whether they’re in casual or formal wear. You’ve heard of the terms “sock game” and “arm candy,” that’s because they matter in outfits. A watch with a couple of bracelets can be just the thing you’ve been missing. That suit of yours could just be in need of a pocket square or lapel pin. Your shoes may lack some soul because of those dingy black socks you’re constantly wearing. Try a bright pair of socks and get your shoes noticed.




Grooming is overlooked but it really does do wonders to your look and overall style. Whether you have dreads, a fade or a neat brush cut make sure it’s neatly presented. Not only does it help your style but it’s a confidence booster and that goes a long way. With regard to facial hair, a clean shave or trimmed beard and moustache is recommended.


Addition & Subtraction


Your style is your own and you need to find pieces that work with it. Take away the pieces that don’t tie in well with your style and replace them with pieces that do. In no time, you’ll have a wardrobe that’s coherent.

In essence, next time you consider a wardrobe overhaul think about these budget tips before you spend cold hard cash. Keep the conversation alive and share your budget style tips on Twitter with me  (@ThereButNotHere) and @TheThreadedMan!