1. You’ve been given R10 000 to buy everyday basics for yourself. Where do you shop these items, and what are they?
  • A pair of Red Wing (Iron rangers): (Duke and Duchess Motorcycles on Meridian Drive, Umhlanga)
  • Edwin ED-80 rainbow selvedge denim: (Superbalist).
  • A Dobbs hat: (Selwyn’s Menswear on Bree Street, Newtown).
  • A Wolfpack from Wolf & Maiden’s: (The Workshop, in Newtown Juction)

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  1. Your fascination with denim really is quite fascinating. Please tell us more about it.

It all started with my brothers, Karabo Mashishi and Ntokozo Sithole. We were tired of wearing clothes that didn’t have a personality/heritage. We felt that there had to be clothes that could fill the void that we were feeling, so we began researching fabrics.

Denim, leather and canvas stood out because they were the most intriguing. When we looked at them closely, we found that denim was the most fascinating.

The first Selvage denim I purchased was Levi’s 511 Rigid Dragon Raw jeans which I purchased almost two years ago. This was the first denim that allowed me to experience the wonders that this amazing fabric posseses.

After wearing it for a year, I washed it for the first time and I was impressed by how beautifully it ages. Its honeycombs and whiskers are a testament to the life I’ve lived in them.


  1. As an Art Director, how do you define and articulate your personal style?

My style is evident in the work that I do. I find that they both take me on the journey of self-expression even though they’re through different mediums. I have a particular way of wearing my denim and I don’t compromise on it. I believe that my denims are an artwork (in the making) that I’ll one day frame and keep as memorabilia.


  1. You’re a a self-proclaimed ‘Movie addict’. Can you match two of your favourite looks to a movie character that you reckon tells the story of each look?

Selma’s James Bevel – he’s a denim head whose style is effortless yet unique. I like most of his outfits because they are timeless.

Themba from Amapantsula – he loves fashion even though he can’t afford it. His clothes allow him to exert confidence so he believes that style plays a role in how people view and treat you.


  1. What do you reckon are the top 3 ‘classic’ must-haves for 2016?
  • A trucker jacket
  • A good pair of boots
  • A pair of Selvage denim


  1. The Threaded Man is…..

A Man who has a great sense of style and makes it his mission to learn about each and every material he puts on his body. I believe a stylist is not a stylist if he doesn’t understand what he wears.


  1. What do you predict will be the urban trend in Johannesburg this Winter?

Denim. I find that it always trends. Selvage is more accessible now and I have not doubt that it will be a hit this winter.


  1. What are your thoughts on Raf Simons’s departure from European luxury goods company, Dior?

It’s a loss to the industry because his work is something we need more of. His attention to detail is inspiring and not only did he live the brand but he was the brand. He played a pivotal role in changing Dior and the fashion industry and I admire and respect him for it.

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  1. How do you see yourself as a change-agent in Jozi’s street culture?

My friends (Karabo Mashishi and Ntokozo Sithole) and I have started a movement/social collective called Be Authentic (Be_). Our ethos is to inspire and educate South Africans about denim. We do this through social media and it’s gaining momentum.


  1. If you could take one local Rapper/MC and change his/her style, who would it be, and what would you do with the styling?

I’d pick Stilo and refine his look so that it’s simple yet sophisticated.

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