Tebello Motsoane otherwise known as Tibz is one of South Africa’s most sought after youth culture influencers, he is not an artist or an entertainer but is the man pulling the strings behind some of South Africa’s biggest events,artists and clothing brands. Tebello is the founder of ShowLove an intergrated digital and entertainment firm , under his firm manages rising talents such as Dj and TV Personality Sammy Sosa & also runs the ShowLove Music Label.

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Tebello’s journey has seen many ups and downs due to his risk taking persona and an uncompromising drive for perfection and execution, but this is the reason why he is one of the most innovative people in South African culture today. We sat down with Tebello to talk about his journey and fashion.

What does being The Threaded Man mean to you ?

To me, the threaded man represents patience, detail and longevity. A threaded man is refined, he doesn’t concern himself with labels, rather quality. The threaded man knows who he is.

How important is it in your field of work to pay attention to how you dress?

I think it’s extremely important, but I think many in my field still don’t realize that. People are focused on dressing up only for occasions as opposed to making statements everyday.

Looking at your instagram and spotting you at events you clearly love   fashion, Tell us about your journey into fashion?

I’ve had many phases, especially when I was in the streetwear business. The baggy phase is done for me. I would say my style coach is my father and he’s taught me that a man has to be able to adapt. Look good in jeans and a tee, look good in a suit. I love great fits, clean footwear, timeless timepieces, slick eyewear and hats if my dome isn’t freshly cut.

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You are one of the original pioneers behind Headhoncho especially their   events, What made you leave?

It was a business decision. I chose to focus my energy elsewhere. My last order of business was the AKA deal so I’m happy with that, in many ways that’s how I started in the business.

Do you plan on starting your own clothing brand? If so can you tell us anything about it?

Yes, I will but like all the things that I plan on doing… I will take my time. The line will represent all my influences, I want you to be able to rock the gear in your office, doing errands, on a date, at a jazz club or chilling at the market with your people. It will be very simple and classic.

Most people know you as man behind AKA’s rise to becoming one of the best rappers in Africa, but you also run your on company show love. Can you tell us about Showlove?

Showlove is my heart and soul. It began as a monthly hip-hop party and has become a hub for great talent(musicians,comedians,presenters, sports stars and djs), a creative source for various brands, a music label and incredible events across the continent.

You have seen the rise and fall of many South African acts, to those who have just entered the industry what advice do you have for them in order to maintain a lustrous career?

Find what you love. If you love music but don’t have the talent for the stage, you might make a great manager, A&R, etc. Look beyond being the star and focus on the business. Never stop learning and know that you will have to adapt many times.

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What 5 items you cant you live without?

Great scent, time-piece, lip balm, playful socks and an awesome jacket.

What do you think most men get wrong when it comes to style?

Most men copy and paste. They see a celebrity and wish to look the same. Most men get their fit incorrect and also have too many items on… All their swag at once. Keep it neat and simple.

What advice can you give to future Threaded Gents who look up to you?

In everything that you engage in, from fashion, business, relationships and friendships… Focus on the basics. When the fancy stuff isn’t working, go back to the fundamentals. Never be afraid to start from scratch.

Thank you Tibz for sharing your wisdom with our Threaded Gents.

For Bookings : Busisiwe@showlove.co.za

Twitter :@showtibzlove

Instagram : @tibz06

Snapchat :tebello6

Website : www.showlove.co.za

Pictures by : Zianda Mathe