What do I wear this winter? This is one of the many questions I’m being asked on social media, so I’ve decided to write a personal style piece with suggestions for the coming season.

If you’re looking for some key winter pieces, you can’t go wrong with Ted Baker. I’m particularly excited about this popular British brand, as we’re collaborating to host an exclusive styling session, where I’ll meet 20 Threaded Man readers and help them find the perfect winter items from Ted Baker. Because this event is limited to 20 people, here are some of the fashion trends I’ll be sharing with my special guests.DSC_2624



Warm Colours

Due to the 70s trend, warm colours are back; think nudes, olives and mustards. I found this winter colour grid from pantone, which will be a great help when you put together your outfits, as you can see the colours that match and those that don’t.

Coat It

One of my favourite things about winter is wearing coats and jackets. Currently, my favourite is this Ted Baker ombré coat. If you’ve been reading my style blogs, you’ll know that I buy pieces that are good value for money. This coat works well for me because it can be worn with a casual outfit, and looks just as good over a suit.



Boot Season

Boots are a must-have item for winter, and they’re best paired with well-fitted jeans. They’re perfect for the cold weather because they obviously keep your feet dry and warm, but they’re also easy to clean. While I love sneakers, they’re a bit of a nightmare in winter!


These are a few of my personal tips for winter, but don’t worry The Threaded Man is here to guide you throughout the season.

Yours in style,

Siya Beyile