This year The Threaded Man has grown so much and in ways that I didn’t envision. The Threaded Man is no longer just about me, as many of you have taken ownership of the brand and have adopted it into your own lives. Now more than ever, I feel that I am part of a community of other Threaded Men, and together we are using fashion to express ourselves and most importantly thread our journeys.

I have often voiced that as men today we fight different battles, some along the journey, and others with ourselves. When going into battle, it’s important that we have the right armour, and for me that armour is a great suit. When I’m preparing for a big meeting, a date or when I’m simply not having a good day – I wear a suit and it gives me total confidence in everything that I do. And confidence is what I wanted in October.

Last month The Threaded Man was recognised as one of the seven leading voices in men’s fashion in South Africa, and we also made GQ’s Best-Dressed Men of 2015. For the GQ event I felt that it was time to take my suit-wearing up a level and so I approached AM Bespoke to organise a suit worthy of a best-dressed event.

AM Bespoke is a proudly South African suit tailoring brand that was founded by two friends in 2007, and since then it has grown into one of the most recognisable brands in men’s suit tailoring in the world. For this big GQ event I knew I needed bespoke armour, and I wanted to work with AM Bespoke.


With every suit I wear, I try to give it that Threaded Man detail that makes it unique, and this is why I wanted to collaborate with a professional for my first tailored suit experience. I met with the designer and within an hour we had finished the concept. I know that this process can be stressful but the guys at AM Bespoke made this a completely seamless experience for me.

For the suit we decided that it needed to represent the strong heritage of The Threaded Man, while still maintaining its modern appeal. We took some inspiration from the 1920s, and went with the big lapels as seen on The Great Gatsby, and for the colour I decided on olive green, as it symbolises growth and prosperity. Finally, we added a few extra details to completely personalise the suit: camo print under the collar and on the inside of the blazer, “The Threaded Man x AM Bespoke” was sewn into the collar, and my name was added just above the inside pocket.

The suit was completed in two weeks, without any hassles, and exactly as I wanted it. I attended the GQ Style Awards feeling confident and proud. People received the suit well and I got great reviews in the media.

After such a successful event the feeling was mutual that AM Bespoke and The Threaded Man need to dress men better, and so we are proud to announce the launch of Threaded Bespoke. To celebrate the collaboration we are giving ten gents the opportunity to own a customised suit – at an affordable price – designed exclusively by The Threaded Man and AM Bespoke.

Simply email and you could be one of the lucky gents chosen to get your own bespoke suit, so what are you waiting for – Get Threaded Now!

Shot by : Keagan Kingsley