For the past few months many of you, through our various social media channels, have asked me what it’s like to be The Threaded Man and what happens in my life. In collaboration with FUZE tea I have decided to take the 10 most popular questions and answer them. So here goes……

My must-have fashion item… Blue jeans. I believe you can never have enough pairs, and they’re so versatile they go with anything, in any season.


I can’t live without… My iPhone! It’s practically the only thing I carry with me. It’s what I use to run my portal and interact with my community, not to mention I’m a social media junky.

My favourite item of clothing is… My leather jacket from Tommy Hilfiger. I can wear it with anything.


If I had to live in another era… It would have to be the 1920s Jazz Age. For the first time people of colour were finding their voices through music and this pioneered the future of what we know as music today. I would love to time travel to that era and watch Ella Fitzgerald perform.

My favourite scent is… Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Swimming in Lipari. It smells just like summer!


I’m currently obsessed with… Going to gym. I’ve found that when I exercise it keeps my mind and mood in check, so I really enjoy it. Also, the results don’t hurt J

My style icon is… Recently it’s Harry Styles. I dig his 80s rock vibe and how he pulls it off.


I can’t stop listening to… Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose, it’s really dope! It’s very relatable and the production from Diplo and Skrillex is on point.

This summer I will be hanging out at… Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town. It’s a great spot where you can have fun with your friends, while enjoying the beautiful view.

My go-to summer drink…  Double Jameson ,FUZE tea with crushed ice. Try it and you’ll see why I love it.

Drink Responsibly
Not promoted to persons under the age of 18 years

I hope you guys have enjoyed my answers. Over the next few weeks I’ll be kick-starting summer with FUZE tea and you’ll be able to join me on my #TrySomethingNew adventure. I hope you’re ready for the challenge.