Words: Aluwani Ratshiungo| Images: Ricardo Marcus Knipe 

Activewear as everyday-wear is one of the most prominent trends at the moment; wearing your gym clothes in social settings or at work won’t get you side-eyed. Not only has athleisure proved that it’s here to stay, the tracksuit has claimed 2017 as its year and brands such as Reebok, Fila, Kappa and Adidas are at the forefront of the trend.

But wearing two-piece tracksuits is not new, in fact it can be attributed to Hip-Hop culture which made wearing tracksuits cool. Run DMC popularised the style and they were responsible for the culmination of the influence of hip-hop culture on the mainstream fashion industry by scoring the first major endorsement deal with Adidas in the late 1980s. Missy Elliot later adapted the style in the 1990s making it her signature look and also scoring her own endorsement deal with the brand. She accesorised the tracksuits with hoop earrings and chains.

Fast forward to 2017 and you’ve probably seen quite a number of people sporting tracksuits. Tracksuits are not only trendy because they are old school cool but because they are also functional. The tech-infused fibers which are (sometimes) wrinkle and odor resistant are durable and offer everyday comfort.

As people gravitate more towards style which also offers comfort, we’ll see more people wearing tracksuits this year.