As The Threaded Man it’s important that I share my journey and content with my online community. When I’m not attending events, travelling or on a shoot, I’m still on the move – chasing the next adventure.

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It has become critical in my daily activities that I have the right gadget that allows me to curate content and update The Threaded Man community, whether it’s on social media or my portal.

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I’ve recently discovered the 2-in-1 range created by HP, where each device functions as both a tablet and a laptop. I’ve been using one for a week now and I’m amazed by how convenient it is. I don’t have to carry four gadgets around with me, all I need is this one device because it fulfils all my demands. When I’m sitting in the front row at fashion week I can write and publish my content as the action happens, keeping all my followers updated with the latest style news.l_22083564

For me, the highlight of the 2-in-1 device is the sleek windows interface that allows me to move easily from one app to another, while at the same time researching and writing content for The Threaded Man.

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As an online influencer it’s important for me to always stay ahead, not only when it comes to fashion, but also when it comes to technology. This is because the right technology allows us to do so much more, with so much less. With this 2-in-1 device I’ve been able to increase the speed of getting my content produced and published and this has had a positive impact on my business as a whole.

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My friend and fellow creative Anthony Bila shares his own experience with his 2-in-1 device. Watch the video for his #InsideOut story here or check them out here

What do you think about this device? Give it a try and then tweet us @TheThreadedMan.