You can often tell a lot about a man by looking at the kind of watch he wears, a watch is not a trendy or seasonal piece, it’s an investment that can last you for many years and in some rare cases generations.


When it comes to choosing a watch, as men we have a hard time because we don’t know the characteristics of a timeless watch and finding a piece that can go with any outfit or setting. TITAN, the world’s 5th largest watch maker, has presented us with the perfect watch. This watch is not only timeless but it’s the perfect companion for any setting you might find yourself in.


TITAN presents The Orion, a watch created to salute the spirit of exploration in the modern world. The Orion is a classic watch with modern finishes and exquisite colour ways.  The Orion watch is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one as this watch is perfect whether you find yourself at a dinner party or on the road exploring the next adventure.


Our creative Director : Siya Beyile took The Orion for a spin to showcase its diversity!




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Shot By : Ricardo M Musk

Creative Direction & Styling : Siyabonga Beyile