My name is Siyabonga Beyile, but most people know me as The Threaded Man. I am a content creator and a fashion and lifestyle trend analyst. I am passionate about observing people and discovering their patterns, which I use to create relevant and interesting content for The Threaded Man and the brands I work with.

The Threaded Man journey started with my culture. I grew up surrounded by parents who love and embrace who they are and where they come from, and as a child I soaked up all of this passion and used it as inspiration to start The Threaded Man.


Through The Threaded Man I have shown men that it’s okay to be progressive and that it doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on your culture. Culture is important because it serves as a vital part of your identity and it contributes to your uniqueness. I push this message in everything that I do, whether it’s consulting on a brand or doing a TV interview.


The Threaded Man is not just about me and what I like, it’s about a growing community of stylish African men who help to drive the movement. To engage with this community I use my website and various social media channels, as these different avenues allow me to showcase the holistic image of what The Threaded Man is all about.

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Most of the time my audience simply sees the finished product, without realising that behind everything that is published, is a team that spends hours and days finding the most effective way to make my content accessible. For us to be able to do what we do, it’s important to have the right technology, and Intel understands this need.


As The Threaded Man I wear many hats; one day I’m a stylist on set and the next day I’m doing a presentation for a big client. With all these hats it’s important that I have the right device, so I can adapt to these different situations. This is why I choose to use the HP 2-in-1 device. It’s a laptop when I need it and importantly, it’s a tablet when I want it to be.

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