My quest with Radisson Blu continued to the newly launched Radisson Blu which is The Great Escape of Cape Town. Ahead of my stay I had no expectations and knew nothing about this new hotel in the mother city, I purposefully didn’t do research as I wanted to take in the experience with an open mind.

My stay at the Radisson Blu Cape Town was extremely short but for those 2 days I got to escape into another world, as a well travelled millennial it felt as if I was in New York again. Everything about the hotel is Grande!  The interior of the hotel is very reminiscent of Great Gatsby with a modern finish, high ceilings, golden touches & beautiful art.

This hotel & residence is not only for stylish travelers looking for comfort with style but this is a hotel that caters for business travelers  , performers who travel with a team & those looking for a temporal home. The hotel has penthouses , business rooms and even apartments which can be rented out. The hotel also has business lounge for business travels who want to conduct meetings , a boutique gym kitted with the latest gym gear and 2 very stylish bars. To take the experience even further the hotel also operates on the Radisson Blu App which allows you to make room service orders without having to make a call amongst other things.

The only downside to my stay is that my stay felt too managed and the hotel kept adding pressure about content, I could tell that this is not their usual territory to work with an influencer. Content is about sharing an honest perspective from a personal experience , another important part of content is to make sure that is well edited and curated in order to tell a story that makes sense to the audience. I felt that the hotel hindered me a little from carrying out my creative process and way of doing content. Nevertheless I had an incredible experience and will definitely come again.


Siya Beyile

Shot By : David Clifford Holmes