By Kay Tatyana Selisho

He has always alluded to being your dream girl’s favourite man and though that might have been a hyperbole back then, it has certainly become a fact ever since Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham embraced the glo’ up.

Hitting the gym and letting his beard flourish has had women across the globe uttering “dzam dzaddy” every time he makes an appearance – whether he’s wearing a tailored suit at a Toronto Raptors game or a neoprene tracksuit in the middle of a Caribbean dance hall.

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Even though the term “glo up” was coined by Chief Keef and has a somewhat contrived etymology, it has come to mean the aesthetic change that most people undergo due to puberty, weight loss or financial/social upward mobility.

Those of us who are currently over the age of 20 understand this concept all too well because we remember the dark times. Times immortalized in actual photographs, captured back when cameras still needed film and VGA cameras were on the come up. Long before contouring, the triumph of the beard gang, Instagram filters  and phones boasted impressive mega-pixel capabilities.

We often joke about the juxtaposition between modern day teens and our 14-year-old selves but when you actually think about it, the difference is startling.

Not only did we play outside with actual toys (instead of gadgets) we also had zero f___’s to give about how we looked. Which was perfectly normal at that age, in a world long before social media.

The only evidence of our sartorial and aesthetic ineptitude exists in analogue form in a box somewhere in our mother’s garage. Unlike today’s teens who live online and feel the pressure of existing alongside the likes of Jaden and Willow Smith, Amandla Stenburg and Kaia Jordan Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter).

We had the luxury of being crusty and care free, and when the time came, we shed our ugly duckling status and opted for tailored suits, groomed beards, fresh fades, quaffed tresses and eyebrows on fleek.

Whether it comes naturally or we help it along, the glo’ up is something we ALL need to embrace.

It comes easier for the fellas than it does for the ladies though. That’s because the male glo’ up requires a whole lot less. In most cases, all it takes is a killer outfit, a fresh haircut and some facial hair and that can only mean one thing fellas – you have no excuse to be crusty.


So, on your way to the top, take a page out of the playbook of Threaded Men like Drake, David Beckham, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and our own Siya Beyile embrace the glo’ up.

You can thank me later.