The pure expression of a great tradition.  Inspired by the simplicity of the Natural World

Every whisky brand has a craft whisky, produced in limited amounts because of

the fine craftsmanship and time invested in making just one bottle.


The Glenlivet is the world’s No 1 single malt scotch whisky, known as ‘the single malt that started it all’’.  It is the first choice brand for discerning men who enjoy only the finest single malt whisky. The craft whisky in its range is The Nàdurra  – an ideal choice for single malt connoisseurs.

In 2004, The Glenlivet launched the Nàdurra: a non chill-filtered single malt whisky that stayed true to the style of spirit enjoyed in the 19th century. In 2016, 12 years after single malt connoisseurs first experienced The Pure and Natural One, a new range of Nàdurra is ready to be shared and enjoyed in South Africa (it was launched in 2014 elsewhere in the world).

The short range to be launched by June 2016 in South Africa comprises of two new expressions, the Nàdurra Oloroso Matured and the Nàdurra First Fill.  Each is named after the wood that has imparted the greatest influence during the maturation process. Each is a finely crafted whisky that is steeped in a rich heritage and superior quality, finely distilled by The Glenlivet Master Distiller
Alan Winchester.



Nàdurra. Gaelic for ‘natural’. The name alone evokes the elemental spirit of whisky making: barley from the earth is soaked in granite-filtered water; timber hewn from mighty trees is carved into casks. The elegant simplicity of the natural world inspired us to create a whisky of smooth-flowing purity. Each of the expressions is carefully crafted and matured in unique combinations of casks. Only craftsmen who have spent years mastering their art at The Glenlivet Distillery have the skills and knowledge required to create Nàdurra.



Crafted in small batches, using traditional 19th century methods, Nàdurra is unlike most modern

whiskies. It has not been chill-filtered, resulting in greater body and a distinctively creamy texture

and mouth-feel. Delivering all the properties you’d expect from a whisky that has been drawn

straight from the cask, it provides a distinctive flavour experience. Nàdurra will be available at cask strength in domestic markets, whilst Global Travel Retail will offer each expression at 48.3% abv.



The Glenlivet Nàdurra has been lovingly hewn from natural materials by expert craftsmen who have spent years mastering their art. The brand elements celebrate such craftsmanship. They reference the tactile nature of expertly finished projects, and the tools and knowledge required to pass the most stringent quality checks and earn the stamp of approval. A master craftsman passes on his wisdom to his apprentice, just as the Nàdurra drinker passes on his single malt expertise to those he shares a dram with.


The Nàdurra Oloroso matured has been matured exclusively in first fill Oloroso sherry oak casks from the Jerez region of Spain; the most highly prized and sought after casks used by whisky makers. First fill Oloroso sherry casks have long been famed for imparting wonderfully rich, luxurious flavours of dried fruits and warm spices to single malt whisky.

The Nàdurra First fill selection is a whisky drawn from casks made from American White Oak, which have never before been used to mature Scotch whisky. These oak casks, a popular choice of distillers at The Glenlivet since the early 1900s, impart hints of creamy vanilla to this wonderfully rich single malt whisky.



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The Glenlivet is the original single malt – its founder George Smith started the first licensed distillery in Scotland in 1824, and today his legacy lives on in every bottle. The Glenlivet is the world’s No.1 single malt Scotch whisky by volume, and is today a brand steeped in hundreds of years of history and tradition. It is the first choice brand for discerning men who enjoy only the finest single malt whisky.  Known as the single malt that started it all, The Glenlivet is committed to continuing its legacy of crafting single malt whisky of outstanding quality.

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