The world is in motion, we are in motion and this motion has had a huge negative impact on the enviroment , which has pushed us to find ways to live sustainably. One of the biggest contributors to enviromental change is mobility , more and more people buy cars which means every year air pollution gets worse.


Many car brands have tried to produce electronic cars but have failed, BMW has pioneered the way to become the first commercial car company to produce commercially viable Electronic Cars that can support urban living across the world.


BMW has launched BMW I, the future of urban monility. BMW I has brought us the future today with 2 well designed vehicles, the BMW I3 and the BMW I8.

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The BMW I3 design is made for inner city urban living, the car has everything you need without being over exccesive. The passenger cell is light weight made from Carbon Fibre reinforced plastic manufactured in a hydro electric powered factory. The body panels are plastic and the interior is made from renewable resources. The I3 is not just a car it’s a think tank to help you with your urban busy lifestyle without damaging the enviroment as its full battery Powered.

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The BMW I8 is the worlds most progressive sports car , its design looks like a car that should only be in blockbuster movies. As the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car, the I8 proves to be the future of mobility. its plug-in hybrid concept and the combination of three-cylinder petrol engine and LifeDrive architecture specific to BMW i ensure a fascinating driving experience. And prove that dynamics and efficiency aren’t opposites, but can be experienced simultaneously.

With the innovation of these cars BMW has also gone a step further and integrated technology with Connected drive, which allows you be connected with your car wherever you go on your smartphone or tablet.

BMW has led the way into the future today, join in the revolution and book a Test drive today : and experience the power of the I3 :