Creative Direction: Siyabonga Beyile | Photography: Austin Malema | Styling: Siyabonga Beyile & Simbongile Ndlangisa | Model : Tshepang Mollison & Siyabonga Beyile

The sun is coming up later and there’s a drop in temperature in the evenings, which means it’s time to say goodbye to summer. But with the new season here, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore autumn fashion trends.

With the cooler weather, layering coats and knits is a great way to stay warm and look stylish. It lets you add colour and variety to your outfit without compromising your overall look. This week we give you tips on how to layer during autumn/winter using pieces from Banana Republic at Stuttafords.



The Layers


When it comes to layering the most important lesson is: Don’t overdo it! Fortunately we live in SA, where winter in many places is extremely mild. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to layering. For your first layer choose a breathable cotton tee, preferably something sleeveless. Put a light cable knit over it and then throw on an oversized jacket or coat.


Knit on KnitDSC_1633

Whatever you do, don’t wear knit on knit; the layers will rub together and make you extremely hot, sweaty and itchy. Your outfit will look bulky and you’ll just look and feel uncomfortable.


Make it Work


The key to layering properly is making sure that each layer is an outfit on its own. This is because the weather might change and as you get warmer, you’ll want to take off one of your layers. To ensure you always look threaded, only choose layers that complement each other while also looking good with the pants and shoes that you’re wearing.


Layering can be simple and if you follow the above rules you’ll become a layering ace! Here’s to funky autumn fashion with The Threaded Man.


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