As a Threaded Man it’s important that you own at least one suit. So often I see men who have bought expensive suits but the fit is not flattering at all. The one rule I live by, is that choosing a suit isn’t about the price, it’s about the FIT!

The highly anticipated J&B Met is nearly here, and I’m being dressed by prominent suit brand T.M. Lewin. These are the tips they gave me on finding the perfect suit.

The purpose of a suit



When you buy a suit, you must have a clear mandate as to why you need it. Is it for the office or to wear to events? Based on the purpose, the style and colour of the suit will be different. Black suits are commonly worn for weddings and funerals, grey and navy are preferred in the office, and camel and blue are ideal choices for events.

Store-bought or tailor-made?



Most gentleman have a misconception that department stores don’t sell great fitted suits, and that their only choice is to spend R10 000 on one suit made by a tailor. You do have other options, like visiting a department store such as T.M. Lewin. Here they have a variety of styles and you’ll be able to find a suit that fits you perfectly. There is also an in-house tailor to make alterations before you buy.

Size matters


One of the main reasons men struggle to find suits that fit, is because they don’t know their measurements. Knowing your size – particularly your chest, shoulders and arms – is your first step. In T.M. Lewin, an assistant will measure you for a shirt, because you need a well-fitted shirt so that your blazer sits properly on your body.

When it comes to the pants, try them on to check that the length is right, if they’re too long or too short get the in-store tailor to amend them for you.

Colour palette


Once you’ve chosen the right size, it’s time to pick the colour. As the J&B Met is held during the day, I’ve decided to wear a stylish blue suit. With this foundation, it’s easy to find a shirt that complements the blazer’s colour.



When choosing a tie and pocket square, it’s a good idea to try something a little bit different. For my T.M. Lewin suit, I chose a paisley print pocket square and tie to add flavour to my outfit. When it comes to cuff links and tie clips, always go simple, and then you’re well on your way to being a Threaded Man.

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Pictures by: Alessio La Ruffa