As The Threaded Man I often style the top women in the local music industry, such as Nomuzi and Ms Cosmo, and for this reason I’m regularly asked why I don’t focus on or feature women’s fashion on my portal. With this in mind I looked at my readership stats and discovered that in fact 48% of my readers are women. It was now obvious that I needed to do something for my Threaded Ladies.

The Threaded Man has partnered with H&M South Africa to bring you one of the hottest trends for autumn – the 70s. I am so excited about this collaboration because this decade was such a defining and historic time for women. During the 70s, women found their groove and no longer felt that they had to play by the rules that men and society had forced upon them.

With this collaboration I wanted to showcase the confidence, drive and fierceness of women during this period, especially drawing on inspirational figures such as Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Beverly Johnson and Maya Angelou.

From a fashion perspective, the key items that showed the energy and confidence of the 70s woman, were bootleg jeans, suede boots, coats and fur jackets. These items are timeless and can be worn with anything. Even today, when you walk into a room wearing these fashion pieces, your presence will be felt.

Threaded Ladies, here’s to your fierceness and to the fashion of the 70s.


H&M CAMPAIGN Final-17H&M CAMPAIGN Final-15IMG_7200H&M finals-8H&M CAMPAIGN Final-21IMG_7198H&M CAMPAIGN Final-27IMG_7199H&M finals-7H&M CAMPAIGN Final-30H&M CAMPAIGN Final-28IMG_7202

The H&M autumn line is available in stores now.

Editorial Credits:

Photographer: Martin Magner

Creative Director: Siyabonga Beyile

Editor: Keagan Green

Production Manager: Simbongile Ndlangisa

Production Assistant: Anga Beyile

Models: Samantha Foster, Mbali, Jessica Mahlekisi, Nicole van Louw