Two weeks ago I introduced you to our collaboration with H&M South Africa, to showcase their 70s inspired, A/W 16 Elegance line. In that first release I expressed how I wanted to tell the story the right way and showcase the power that women had during that period in history. I feel humbled by the incredible reviews and feedback that came from all corners of the globe – thank you!

Today I am proud to release part 2, which is inspired by music and unity.

During the 70s women began to see the value and purpose in supporting each other, and they realised that they were far more powerful as a unit. When they joined forces they could impact change and this is why so many boundaries were broken down in this decade. Pioneering women like Diana Ross flexed their muscle in the 70s and not only conquered the fashion world but also became influential and highly prominent musicians.

Be part of the 70s movement! Collection available in stores now.IMG_8239 (1)IMG_8240 IMG_8241 IMG_8242 IMG_8243 IMG_8244 IMG_8245 IMG_8246 IMG_8247 IMG_8249 IMG_8250 IMG_8251 IMG_8252



Photographer: Martin Magner

Creative Director: Siya Beyile

Production Assistant: Anga Beyile

Production Manager: Simbongile Ndlangisa

Location: Yours Truly, Cape Town