As much as winter is about staying warm, it doesn’t mean you need to be miserable about the clothes that you’re wearing. With help from Stuttafords, we show you how you can stay warm and be extremely stylish while doing it.

Change Fabric and Look Smooth


For some reason texture is always ignored in winter, yet it’s one of the most important elements when putting together an outfit. In the chilly weather you need to wear fabrics like tweed and wool, which keep you warm while also adding texture to your look. These materials may seem very traditional but with the right cut and colour they can really modernise your outfit.

Master Layering



This is one of the most important lessons you should learn and, if you need a crash course, check out our two-part series: The Autumn/Winter Layering Guide. The art of layering not only showcases how stylish you are but it shows that you have a deeper understanding or texture and colour.



With the sneaker craze going on it’s easy for people to forget about those faithful companions: boots. We have to admit that they’re far more effective than sneakers are, when you’re faced with cold, wet weather. They keep you warmer and drier, are easier to clean, and they take your outfit up a notch.

The Coat


Every man must own at least one coat for winter. A coat is great for wearing over a suit, as it gives you a bit of extra warmth. This is essential if you use public transport to get to work, or if you’re attending an outdoor event or gathering.

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Shot by : Austin Malema

Model : Siya Beyile & Tshego Seakgoe

Styled by : The Threaded Man

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