Its back to business and It feels good to be back usually at this time of the year I find myself tired from the holiday and not really motivated but its different this year. During the holidays I really took some time to refelect and really be inspired not only to be better but to do better in everything I do. I expressed last year that I was really excited about The Threaded Man as I feel that it has found its voice through as a follower, I now feel like I’m not The Threaded Man alone, I am part of a community of other Threaded Men.


This year our focus will be to widen the perspective and voice of The Threaded Man by selecting contributors from around the globe who can bring a fresh perspective & content to the portal. Another strong focus this year will be to package and execute content in a more creative way to give you more insights and value for your time. Lets own 2016 and grow together!


About This Look :


With this look I really wanted to capture the true essence of what it means to be a working urban explorer in the city of Johannesburg during summer. When it comes to summer style , Im always about comfort without compromising your style. I decided to wear my Adidas Originals Superstars with formal pants and a white golfer from Lyle & Scott.