Maps Maponyane over the years has grown into one of the leading voices of fashion, having won various style awards including the coveted GQ Best Dressed Men of the Year. A few seasons ago Maps branched into fashion by launching a collaboration with Johannesburg based designers Augustine. He is now back with an even bigger collaboration with leading online retailer Spree – the collection features summer basics that we feel every gentleman should have in his wardrobe. We caught up with Maps to talk to us about his latest collaboration:

As one of South Africa’s most stylish men, many brands have wanted to collaborate with you. What made you agree to do this collaboration with Spree?

I’m attracted to the personal convenience of an online platform, the support they offer during the process as well as the limited aspect of clothing (which makes it unique and special). is a growing brand and they have the right ideology towards fashion.

In producing your own limited edition range with Spree, what was the inspiration and thought process?

I always have ideas about what I like and need during summer so I knew what I wanted to go with. My inspiration was something that was classic and trendy with beautiful basics and geometry for the conservative guy as well as the style-experimenting guy. Comfortable, functional and practical with a twist but still keeping it accessible for anyone to try it out. I wanted to make sure it was high quality, that the fit was good, loose, comfortable and breathable enough to wear in our climate. A key example of this is the Bomber, for instance, it is quite thin with high quality cotton that’s easy to wear and layer. The idea is to layer and have fun.
How did you find the balance of having this collection be on trend yet classic?

I don’t follow trends really, I do take notice but don’t look at it too long to be influenced by it completely. I do see a trend towards looser fitting items but still go with the tapered look, also more breathable not so skinny and tight. For instance see the two shirts and pants with a slight drop crotch – yet still tapered and enough room around the legs. Part of the balance was to experiment with fabric and colours like the on-trend Olive Green and Dark Blue t-shirt to combine with classic neutral colours to balance it out.

How do you envision people wearing these pieces?

I see people mixing it around with what they already have. The whole point of summer essentials is to have a great foundation of items to put together with anything. The great thing about this capsule collection is of the mix and match with the colours and designs to create enough versatility. To update their own look as well as have a good head-start on great basics.
Give us your 3 must go to items from your collection?

Definitely the Kat Bomber, it’s light, stylish, trendy and classic at the same time, I love the finishing and the Olive Green colouring (just as well as the Navy) you can dress it up or down which you always want to do and keep wearing for many seasons by layering.


Another favourite is the white shirt (The Mass Ego shirt), it can be worn over your pants or tucked in, casual or formal and light and high quality fabric. Third is my Black shorts, you always need a good pair of shorts for summer to mix it around and play with .

Tapered leg shorts with the pleated detail for the simplicity and great fabric. The man with bigger thighs in proportion to his smaller calves can still wear them comfortably with the slight drop crotch detail but still look like a great pair of shorts. The great detail – they remain trendy and edgy but still easy for anyone to wear. All the items mentioned can be worn both casually and formally.