Words: Aluwani Ratshiungo | Photography: Ricardo Marcus K and Luke Benett

Sash was founded by 24-year-old mixed media artist Sakhile Cebekhulu. The brand envisions the contemporary Zulu man drawing inspiration from Zulu men on the streets of Johannesburg including Taxi drivers. So it made perfect sense when the designer and his models pulled up to the runway in a red Siyaya.

One by one, the models hopped out of the taxi and walked down the runway with a swagger reminiscent of amapantsula. The collection itself was wearable and functional while still maintaining a fashion forward element.

Youth culture is morphing into an authentic representation of our lived realities as more and more young people start realising the beauty in their own experiences. This showcase was a reminder of the incessant beauty that can be found when you celebrate your roots and uniqueness. The authenticity tugged at every single string of my soul.

The fashion world (and the creative world as a whole) has always taken itself too seriously and as such there are too many barriers to entry that keep the black youth on the outside. This showcase was revolutionary because it is a warning to the gatekeepers that they cannot keep us out for much longer. We are coming for everything and we might just pull up in a Siyaya!