I have always been a big fan of the Athleisure trend. As an urban dweller it’s important to me that I wear clothing that not only fits well, but is also comfortable and easy to move around in – whether I’m going to a meeting or heading for drinks with friends.

Threaded Man x Tubular-2Threaded Man x Tubular #1-1-4

For Millennials doing business, we do not have a strict dress code when it comes to the office space and we wear what we want, as long as it insures high comfort for high productivity.

Threaded Man x Tubular #3-8

Threaded Man x Tubular #1-17


No brand understands this better than Adidas, especially with their new Tubular range. According to Adidas: Tubular is a vision of the future, based on abstracted, collective memories of Adidas archive classics. Elevated as the purest expression of modernity, taking inspiration from a variety of visions of the future to create an aesthetic world. Constantly evolving and never settling.

Threaded Man x Tubular #3-3

Threaded Man x Tubular #1-10

We decided to take the Tubular range for a spin around Johannesburg, styling it our own way, and our Threaded Lady Nomuzi joined in the fun!

Threaded Man x Tubular- Threaded Man x Tubular--15 Threaded Man x Tubular--14

Threaded Man x Tubular #1-1-6

Threaded Man x Tubular #1-19

The Tubular range is available at Adidas Area 3 and selected Adidas outlets.

Threaded Man x Tubular #1-18

Threaded Man x Tubular #1-1-7

Threaded Man x Tubular--6

Threaded Man x Tubular #3-4

Photographer : Greg Carlin

Creative Direction and Styling : The Threaded Man

Behind The Scenes : Shot by Expresso to be released 7th march 2016