When it comes to fashion, I believe that as men, we never want to try new things or push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Are we afraid that our masculinity will be questioned? Are we worried about people staring at our fashion choices?


The most important step when it comes to finding your style, is to trust yourself and believe in your unique sense of fashion. To do this you need to explore different looks and venture into new fashion territories.


When I started The Threaded Man people never understood my style, but fast-forward two years and I’m on GQ’s Most Stylish Men of 2014 list.


This week’s look is titled “Rebel with a Cause”, and I want it to inspire you to go out and explore different elements of your style.


I embraced the rebel theme by taking jeans from Topshop and tearing them myself. I paired them with a well-fitted shirt and all white Tubular sneakers – both from Adidas Originals.

Embrace your inner rebel, find your unique style and you’re on your way to being a Threaded Man!

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Photography and Visual Direction by : Keagan Kingsley of Gold Creatures