A few weeks ago we featured the fashion of the 70s and showed you how to emulate that era of experimental style. Now, it’s time for the punk trend!

Punk is back, thanks to international pop icons such as Kanye West and Justin Bieber. This means your wardrobe needs vintage tees, heavily ripped or skinny jeans, and some edgy shoes.


Like any fashion trend, it’s easy to get it all wrong. This is why The Threaded Man is here, to give you the right advice on key pieces that will make this trend work for you.

The Vintage Tee

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When it comes to getting a punk look, your T-shirt is fundamental. Vintage tees make a huge statement, so choose a classic design with cool graphics and interesting writing. Popular musicians like West and Bieber have created their own tees for their fans, by using their brands in a vintage style.

Ripped or Skinny Jeans


In the jeans department it seems that ripped and skinny styles aren’t going anywhere soon! Brands like Fear of God have really made ripped jeans work with the punk look, while skinny jeans create a more rock ‘n roll feel.

The Shoes


If you want to follow convention, the shoes you need are classics like Vans, but personally I’m a huge fan of wearing boots. Either way, both footwear types work.

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