Words: Aluwani Ratshiungo | Images: Ricardo Marcus K

One of the exciting things about fashion week is that we get to see varying personal styles in the form of street style as show goers pull out all the stops to look their most threaded and Paris Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 was no exception. See what we captured at the Louis Vuitton show.

(Side Note: Let’s play a game, take a shot for each time you see an LV item.)

Bandanas are some of the greatest fashion accessories.

When you can’t decide on whether you want a pony or a mid-part, make like Naomi and do both.

LV sighting…

We’re all about statement tees but we’re not too sure about this statement.

Secure the bag.

Don’t you just love it when your hair colour is popping and works as an accessory?

LV sighting…

Nothing says summer like yellow  does.

We just love multi-functional clothes/accessories like these shades that double as mirrors!

You can never have too many accessories on and you certainly can’t go wrong with flowers.

LV sighting…

Is it just us or is this shirt giving off Basotho blanket vibes?

A little scuff and grime ain’t never hurt anyone. (We hope you’re still taking shots)

Nailed it!

Bucket hats are finally getting some time in the sun there by Europe.

Adding an embroidered leather clutch like this one can elevate your look.

Smile,you’re on camera 🙂

Who says all black has to be safe? Give your look some rock ‘n roll edge by adding some grungy boots and opting for a sheer top.

Why hide your seams when they could be a prominent feature?

Denim on denim will never not be a vibe.

Are you still drinking?

Why wear 2 Chainz when you can wear all your chains at once?

VANS is putting in the Fear of God with these canvases.

When your tattoo sleeves add to the whole aesthetic.

A t-shirt, culotte pants, sandals…You cant get any more comfortable!

Sometimes the key is to look like you didn’t try too hard.

Did you take a shot?

Take another shot for yourself, you’ve been such a good sport!