Nomzamo Mbatha is everything and more you would want in a Threaded Woman. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in South Africa, but she is an extremely talented actress who has graced our screens recently with the movie Tell Me Sweet Something. It doesn’t stop there, she was also announced as the first South African face of Neutrogena – the international skincare brand. We caught up with this beauty to talk dating, style and future plans.


When you auditioned to be an MTV VJ, things didn’t go as planned. Did you imagine that shortly after that you would get your big break?
Absolutely not. In my head I thought things would take a while to kind of kick off for me. I remember after the announcement was made that Nomuzi had won, I felt at peace with the decision because in my mind, she deserved it. It was HER dream.
And so I went to the toilet and stood inside the cubicle, looked up, closed my eyes and said, “God, thank you for this ‘no’ because you’re preparing me for an even greater ‘yes’”. And sure enough, my ‘yes’ came shortly after.

How has your journey of being an actress been so far? What are your highlights?
It’s been incredible. I’m not even halfway through to where I want to be as a performer, but so much has transpired in such a short space of time.
The highlights have been the impact of my craft. How it’s touched people’s lives and how my journey has been a form of inspiration to the ‘dreamers’ out there. The nominations and wins have also been amazing highlights.

Your new movie Tell Me Sweet Something is in theatres right now and has been selling out. How has this experience made you grow as an actress and is there more pressure than TV?
There’s definitely more pressure for cinema than there is for TV. People expect more and are much harsher with films because you only get a once-off chance of 90 minutes, which also costs millions. And in those 90 minutes, you have to take people on a journey and give them thought and provoke emotions.
Tell Me Sweet Something made the masses feel. We broke record numbers that most local films don’t reach, which proves that with the right amount of marketing and with a particular formula, black South Africans DO have a cinema-going culture. So what we did with this project will hopefully garner momentum for other romcoms to come.


With your first movie being a hit, are you looking to do more? Is Hollywood on the cards?
YES YES YES! I fell in love with film story-telling and I want to do more. The challenge is definitely on. Hollywood? It’s got a nice ring to it. Who knows? 😉

You are viewed as one of the most beautiful women in South Africa. How does this make you feel and what does beauty mean to you?
It makes me feel VERY insecure (lol) because it comes with so much pressure. What is ‘beautiful’? What does it consist of? Does it change? How do you keep it from changing? So many questions!
All I know is that I want a different voice for beauty. I see so many women constantly trying to ‘box’ the term. If I see a woman rocking her weave, make-up and urban chic look, I’m like ‘Go girl! Do your thing baby girl.’ When I see a woman rocking her natural hair, make-up or no make-up, I have the same reaction. Having natural hair doesn’t make you more ‘accepting’ of yourself than rocking a weave. Beauty means loving and accepting the only skin you were born in. Living your truth gracefully.
Let’s allow each other to express how we feel and look the way we want to. Because we’re constantly trying to prove something – like why one is better than the other – we lose out on celebrating each other, which is fundamental.

Now to Threaded matters. When you think of The Threaded Man what do you think?
Urban. Sophistication. Gentleman. Personal grooming. Women. Sex. Style. Put together. Effortless.

Who is your pick for the most stylish guy in South Africa? Besides Maps (hahaha!)
Lol. After Maps (haha!) I would say Thapelo Mokoena. He understands his body and knows how to put together beautiful pieces. Kojo Baffoe also has great, great style.

What qualities do you look for in a guy?
Kindness. Principled. Strong. Intelligent.


What do gents get wrong when it comes to courting a woman?
Trying hard to impress. Men who attempt to buy a woman’s love and affection. A crass and pompous attitude. Women don’t like to be made to feel small. At all times, she must be made to feel like a queen.

What does the rest of the year hold for Nomzamo Mbatha?
Right now it’s concentrating on Neutrogena, Isibaya and All Access Mzansi. I was supposed to start production on another movie but I’m just exhausted, so that’s been put on hold for next year.
I’m looking forward to The South African of the Year Awards, and also the release of another film I’m starring in The Jakes Are Missing and then we are DONE… for now!