The way we live today has evolved as a result of technology and the environment and it has become difficult to find inner city living spaces that have the right balance. The Blok is a development company that successfully blends sustainable inner city living with technology. We sat down with the founders of BLOK to find out who they are and what they are all about.

What is Blok?

Blok is a luxury apartment developer that focuses on urban living. We design apartments in the Atlantic Seaboard and Cape Town City Bowl that are always created with the future homeowners in mind. We choose to focus on how space is really used – what we refer to as Thoughtful Design.

Our philosophy that Home doesn’t stop at the front door was born through the acknowledgement of our Neighourhood Heroes: the butcher, the baker, the flat white maker, faces you see daily and get to know well. This mindset has pushed us to find ways of improving our neighbourhoods and to design apartments that encourage and embrace urban living.

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How are you changing urban living and is there a green element?

Blok is passionate about urbanism and the development of our city, and this we believe requires active urban citizens.

We take our role as property and urban developers very seriously and are intrinsically conscious of the immediate impact we have on the neighbourhoods and the communities in which we develop.

We are committed to forming meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the stakeholders of the Atlantic Seaboard and City on its crime and grime initiatives. By collaborating in this way we will unlock huge benefits together, benefits such as increased security and exposure to much needed resources. We are particularly excited to be involved in the License Plate Recognition (LPR) Program currently being rolled out around the city.

Blok is extremely passionate about greening the urban landscape, and our most recent project with the City of Cape Town involves breathing new life into an otherwise forgotten community park. Public Open Spaces are often seen as the heart and soul of urban communities, and it is crucial that people see these as safe and desirable extensions of their own homes.

A new approach to urban development presents a multitude of opportunities to enhance city living. Not only for Blok homeowners, but their neighbours too.

How did you choose the areas where Blok apartments are built?

Every development of ours has its own map, with each Point of Interest on the map being measured in steps. This comes from our belief that urban living is about engaging with your city by getting out there, whether on bikes or on foot. This has subsequently helped us in our already strict criteria on choosing sites. Other important factors are accessibility and desirability within the Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl.

What influences your interior design and spaces?

With all Blok apartments, no detail is overlooked. Every fixture, faucet and finish is curated especially for the future homeowner. The beauty of Blok homes can be found in the detail. We choose to partner with only the finest brands to ensure the highest quality standard. Smeg completes our kitchens, Oggie supplies the rich oak floors and Beauty Fires keep our homes warm with bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Our design philosophy places emphasis on optimising the valuable spaces in an apartment that make a house a home. Inspired by how our future homeowners will live in their Blok apartments, great care has been taken to ensure that their home is functional and beautiful. We call these the “Third Spaces”, which provide a retreat from the day-to-day, every day. We allow future homeowners to choose how to functionally use their “Third Space” – an option that is not always available when buying an apartment.