Every Threaded Man needs the perfect space to think out loud. Whether it’s a comfy classic home or a spacious loft apartment, your home is your sanctuary and your escape from the outside world.

Do you ever imagine your perfect home – that ideal space that exists somewhere out there in your dreams? I often think about my perfect home. I can see it shimmering before my eyes now as I write – a huge, all-white apartment with enormous glass windows that look out over the Waterfront in Cape Town. I would wake with the scent of the sea in my nostrils and roll over in bed to see Table Mountain and the turquoise ocean right there, waiting for me.


I see myself padding across light, satin-wood floors to a stainless-steel kitchen with silver-coloured appliances to brew myself a cup of coffee. My morning work-out is a pleasure in the white gym with shades of grey. Breakfast on the balcony is accompanied by the special music of the Cape – seagulls and the sound of crashing waves. Picture four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office set in a loft area that streams in light from the skylight above. Plenty of cupboard space of course, because as a Threaded Man, my wardrobe is key.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDaAYrz2E70″]

I love the whole minimalist thing – not cluttered up with loads of furniture and “stuff” – just clean, open spaces. My home would provide the ideal balance between work and down time. I wouldn’t need much art on the walls because who needs art when your eyes are treated to an epic view of nature’s vibrant colours in the day and the glitter of the city lights at night? Now all I need to do is make my perfect home a reality!

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