Over the past few weeks I have introduced you to Titan watches and I’ve written about the importance of having the right timepiece. We’re in the middle of summer, where you go to parties, dinner dates and year-end functions, and you can leave nothing to chance when you attend these events. Not only do you need to wear the right outfit but you also need to wear the perfect watch. Here are our key looks for summer and the watches to match them.

Sport Lux


The Sport Lux look is popular in summer as we are more active – going to lunches and linking up with friends before heading to the gym. My favourite sports tracksuit is a classic all black Adidas with white sneakers, and while most people would choose a digital sports watch as an accessory, I decided to change the character of the look by wearing this refined Titan watch.


Tailored Casual


I’m a big fan of wearing suits during winter, but when it gets to summer I still want to be formal – without wearing a suit. My go-to clean look is to wear a plain white tee that’s tucked into formal pants. When it comes to shoes you can wear all white sneakers or formal shoes. With this outfit I chose to wear this classic Titan watch, as I feel it shows that I’m summer tailored but I also mean business.


The Classic


When I go to dinner and on dates I want to make sure that I always look good. I’ll often pick a classic short-sleeved white shirt and blue jeans, so that I look smart but not overdressed. To match this outfit I settled on the Orion silver-faced watch, as it’s very subtle but it leaves a lasting impression when someone notices it.




In the warmer weather we tend to be outdoors much more and to try and keep cool, many men wear shorts. It’s important to plan your look even when you’re dressing more casually, because you still want to look good. One of my favourite summer outfits is a classic tee with tailored shorts that end just above the knee. I find that this minimalist Titan watch is the best option with this relaxed look.


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