Words: Simbongile Ndlangisa | Images: Lwando Mxutu

Our favourite Port Elizabeth fashion duo, Many Face Gods, have once again got Black Twitter yaaas-ing and clicking multiple fire flame emojis. Lihle Mtya and Banele Nyaningwe released images on the app shot by popular photographer Lwando Mxutu seemingly inspired by the warm hues of the Autumn season – the pair pose in vintage fashion with hints of sports luxe and old school Cuban references.

More about Many Face Gods 

Many Face Gods derives from the saying, “If you only do what you can do you’ll never be more than you are now.” So ‘Many Face’ translates to a variety of qualities and attributes that we require in the conquest of creativity. ‘God’ simply translates to creators. Each and every creation requires us to put on different faces, yet not losing our true identity in the process of it all.
Inspired by the likes of Prime Obsession, Trevor Stuurman and I See A Different You, Many Face Gods fuses intricate details of street fashion together with arts and culture to tell a story. One that portrays the Eastern Cape as one of the hubs of the creative industry – making it an attraction to well established creatives and brands, and having them collaborate with us on a broader scale.
Understanding that one never stops learning & should never halt his/her own progression by being narcissistic with the art of creation, we find creating with others to be one of the key elements to stimulating growth within ourselves and our craft, therefore we highly welcome room for collaboration.
Our brand is about showing people how much that can be done with limited resources. We represent the “nobodies”. Our purpose is to show the Eastern Cape and every other small province that there is a different path towards their goal, which is by having a greater goal: executing ideas from within their own space, their own surroundings.