Words: Xolela Madlanga | Photography: Luke Benett and Ricardo Marcus K

The final day of Xperience AFI took us to an alternate reality of fierce color and art from the Uniconz a.k.a. Unique Icons. The lucid dream inspired range treated us to bright windbreakers, illusory t-shirts and unique utility jackets. The collection can be best described as street athleisure for the young and daring as it tests the boundaries to the usual streetwear.

Whether you choose to be rocking an all-white hook up or you’re brave enough to step out in an orange and black windbreaker, people will notice. Even though most of the showcased items were worn by guys, they are sure to work for everyone, versatile like that.The Uniconz are more than just a brand, they represent a culture, a generation unconfined and not afraid to express themselves. How often do people dare to make their dreams real, lucid or not? I couldn’t have asked for a better way to close off Xperience AFI than with inspired, out of this world street fashion.