Images: Ofentse Rangaka

Luthando “LootLove” Shosa broke into the mainstream South African entertainment industry after winning the Live Amp presenter search competition in 2012. She has since moved on from the programme that launched her television career and she’s now on one of the biggest radio stations in Mzansi and also hosts a brand new show called The Come Up on MTV Base. She was recently announced as the face of Footwork ZA’s Winter 2017 collection and we had a brief chat with her about the endorsement and branding.

How are you feeling about the campaign and how’s the reception been since the announcement?

I’m very excited about the campaign, I’m very honoured. I’m inspired actually. It’s nice to know that there’s a brand that trusts you and thinks that you can elevate what they’re tryna do and make it pop. The response has been absolutely amazing, a lot of people are actually loving the designs so I’m very happy.

Seeing as your personal style leans more towards street style and you’re a sneaker-head, how do you plan on incorporating the collection into your wardrobe?

The thing about me is that as much as everyone knows that I’m a tomboy and everybody knows that I’m a sneaker-head, I’m quite a diverse person when it comes to my style. This is only gonna put pressure on me to actually step up my style game. It’s quiet exciting for me cause I love fashion, I love style cause it’s a good chance for me to test my style boundaries and for people to see that there’s more to me than just the sneakers and the jeans.

Besides being the face of the Winter 2017 collection, what else does the collaboration entail? Were you involved in the production at any point?

I was not involved in the production and creative process cause they had already chosen quite a few designs when they called me. They called me on and said “Hey, this is what Footwork is trying to do” and showed me all the styles and designs ad I was completely in love with them. But I was involved on a high level in everything after that like the roll-out of the campaign.

Would you say this is the launch of Loot Love as a personal brand and can we expect more endorsements or brand collaborations in the near future?

I wouldn’t say it’s a launch but it’s definitely a step up and an elevation of where I’m at as a brand and personality. You can definitely expect more but I’m also a believer of one a time and not necessarily just going in and overwhelming yourself with a lot of things.

What are you currently working on?

I’m on Metro FM and The Come Up which is nothing that I have done before but it’s something that I should have been doing a long time ago.

How did it feel to be off TV and only on radio. Was it any different?

Being off TV gave me a much needed break. It was nice to not have to worry about shooting every single Friday night but also more than anything, I’ve always loved radio cause I actually started out on radio at a community radio station. Being off TV gave me the space and time to focus on what I was doing and put all my energy onto radio, relearn how to have a conversation, relearn to co-host, re-learn how to be behind the mic. Being off-screen was a really good thing in terms of God’s timing.