Skin care isn’t just a topic that’s confined to women’s magazines, men care about their skin routines too! Looking after our skin can be a challenge, because we tend to be on either end of the spectrum: either too oily or very dry.

I’ve been suffering from eczema since I was young, and I’ve always struggled to find skin care products that work for me. I’ve used every soap and cream from Vaseline to Nivea and none of them have worked. I even considered using a girlfriend’s products!

But that all changed when I came across the Lab Series, a company that makes skin products just for men. There are two items in their range that I use daily, and for me, that’s all I need. This saves me from spending a fortune on unnecessary skincare products that simply don’t work for my skin.




The multi-action face wash works well as both a normal face wash and as a facial scrub. I use it every day of the week – mornings and evenings.




This was designed to be used anytime, anywhere. You can apply it to your clean face and neck after shaving, smooth it on whenever you’re feeling dry or looking shiny, or when you have to look your best, fast. It’s tailor-made for travel, so add it to your gym bag and use it every day.


Both of these products can be bought at Stuttafords and combined they will cost you less than R600.


Come on guys, you’re worth it too!